How long does flooring last?

Between carpet, hardwood, vinyl, and tile flooring, which one will last the longest? At R. Fraser Company, we offer flooring installation services for residential and commercial spaces. Keep reading to learn more about different flooring types and their average lifespans and then contact us today to get started.


Carpeted flooring can last from 5 to 15 years in both residential and commercial settings, depending on the type and quality used and if installed correctly. Carpet is a fibrous and porous flooring and it needs to be vacuumed and cleaned regularly. Carpeted floors will also need to be deep cleaned, have tiles replaced, and eventually, fully replaced in less than two decades, even with consistent upkeep.


Solid hardwood flooring can last for decades when properly installed and cared for — upwards of six decades in residential settings and about five for commercial if foot traffic or furniture is heavier. When not installed or cared for properly, hardwood flooring can become delicate as it ages and could end up needing to be replaced sooner rather than later. Hardwood flooring installation may be more expensive than other flooring options, but in the end, it can be an investment that lasts for decades.


Vinyl flooring can last from 10 to 20 years in both residential and commercial settings. This flooring type is popular and versatile, coming in many different colors, patterns, and designs, and perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and laundry rooms alike. It does not need to be waxed or refinished — just regularly cleaned — and it is a flooring that is affordable for most budgets.


Tile floor installation can last for decades — up to 80 years in the right conditions. Tile flooring is extremely durable and should not warp, chip, or fade easily. If it does, replacing one or a few tiles at a time is always an easy fix for flooring experts. Some tile floorings need to be resealed every few years, but this job is rather simple and inexpensive compared to complete floor replacement every decade or so.

If you need to decide on a type of flooring for your laundry room, vinyl, laminate, tile, and natural stone or concrete will be your best options. For help choosing the right one for your home, contact R. Fraser Company today — we offer flooring installation services for both residential and commercial spaces across Hamden, New Jersey, and the surrounding New England areas. Visit our showroom to view your options!