Questions to ask before hiring a flooring contractor

When it comes time to hire a flooring contractor, you may not know where to start, especially if it’s your first time putting in new floors. Luckily, there are several actions you can take to help you get the best flooring service no matter what! Learn more about some of the top questions you should ask before you hire a contractor.

Do you have workers compensation?

When it comes to you and your responsibilities, whether you're getting flooring done in your home or commercial building, you want to make sure you’re covered and not liable if something bad happens. Before hiring a flooring contractor, ask if the company has workers compensation. This not only protects you but the company as well.

What might cause the price to increase?

Transparency is one of the most important elements when hiring any type of construction help or contractor. Be sure to ask the company if they have additional labor fees or what would cause the price of your service to increase. At R.Fraser Company, we pride ourselves on giving you upfront and honest estimates, along with full communication about your project and if anything will take more time or add to your cost. There are no unknown, hidden fees or costs that will pop up at the end.

How long can I expect this job to take?

Time is money, and at R.Fraser Company we understand that flooring installations can put a dent in your day, which is why we give you accurate estimates on how long your project will take. Of course, things can come up, but we keep you in the loop for every step so you know exactly how long it will take! Make sure that the flooring company you’re going with honors clear communication and your time.

Is your contractor insured?

Lastly, make sure that the contractor you’re going with is insured. Most of the time, things shouldn’t go wrong — but if they do, you want to make sure none of it is falling on you or becoming your responsibility. R. Fraser Company is insured, allowing you to know fully that you’re getting the best work.

R. Fraser Company offers full flooring services for both residential and commercial spaces. Our company has years of experience and we make you our top priority. We’re insured and offer free estimates to allow you to get the best of the best! Connect with us today to get started.