What are the basic styles of carpet?

What are the basic styles of carpet?
If you’re building or renovating your home and you want to install carpeted flooring, you have several decisions to make. You need to choose an amount, colors, and patterns. Most importantly, though, you have to pick a carpet style!

You may not realize, but every carpet and flooring company offers different carpet styles. Today, the residential flooring experts at R. Fraser Company will explore them with you. After you finish reading, we invite you to visit our showroom to see our carpet style selection in person.

Cut pile

Cut pile carpeting is made from loops of yarn cut at the ends. It’s soft to touch and attractive to look at, so it’s a common choice in homes and offices. It’s also durable, which means you can expect it to last for decades. There are multiple styles of cut pile carpet, too. At our showroom, our residential carpet and flooring pros can walk you through them all, including:
  • Shag
  • Saxony
  • Frieze


Textured carpeting has yarn of various lengths that are twisted and subjected to heat to form a textured surface. Because the carpet looks uneven by design, it hides slight imperfections that occur over time as it wears down. R. Fraser Company suggests using this style in areas with high foot traffic because it’ll maintain its look.


Similar to cut pile carpeting, loop is made from looped yarn. The difference is that the ends aren’t trimmed on loop carpets. While it’s not as soft as cut pile, it’s still comfortable to walk on. We suggest installing this carpet in areas with high foot traffic because it’s durable and conceals imperfections well.

Cut or multi-level loop

Cut or multi-level loop carpeting has yarn loops of different lengths. Sometimes they’re organized into a pattern, but they can also be loose and random. While it’s tough, the look of it wears down quickly. On the other hand, the texture can help stains blend in. Our residential flooring experts recommend using it in areas with low foot traffic.

If you need to install carpet, decide which style you want first. Between loop, cut pile, cut or multi-level loop, or textured, the choice is yours! However, our experienced flooring pros are happy to help. Visit our showroom, and see what R. Fraser suggests for your home needs.