What are the best flooring options to use in the laundry room?

Do you need help choosing the best flooring option for your laundry room? At R. Fraser Company, we’re the local flooring experts, offering flooring installation and maintenance services across New England. Keep reading to learn more about the top four flooring options for laundry rooms.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the best flooring options for laundry rooms. This type of flooring can be installed easily, is durable, water-resistant, and can be cleaned with household cleaning products. As for flooring installation, it is also often easier and cheaper to install compared to other flooring types.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring can also make a great flooring option for laundry rooms. Like vinyl, this flooring type is easy to install and water-resistant, but it is important to note that this flooring option may not be as durable as vinyl flooring.

Tile flooring
Tile flooring is another great flooring option for a laundry room. This flooring type can be a bit more aesthetically-pleasing than vinyl or laminate flooring. While the floor installation process can be a bit time-consuming and expensive, tiled flooring will last much longer than vinyl or laminate in a laundry room if cared for properly.

Natural stone or concrete flooring

Lastly, natural stone flooring or concrete is yet another great flooring option for laundry rooms. This flooring will last for decades and won't crack nearly as easily as tiles might, meaning it requires less maintenance over time. With a rug between the laundry machine — that is, any water, run-away detergent, and other liquids — this flooring will just need to be swept and lightly cleaned every so often.

If you need to decide on a type of flooring for your laundry room, vinyl, laminate, tile, and natural stone or concrete will be your best options. For help choosing the right one for your home, contact R. Fraser Company today — we offer flooring installation services for both residential and commercial spaces across Hamden, New Jersey, and the surrounding New England areas. Visit our showroom to view your options!